Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables

Model: Rotary Tables
Opening Sizes: 17-1/2" to 37-1/2"
Static Load Rating: 250T to 650T
Product Details:

Mud King Products rotary tables provide the power you need to turn the drill string and are designed to carry the weight when making up a new connection. They serve as a backup system to the top drive and support make and break operations.
Our state-of-the-art electric driven rotary tables are available in sizes ranging from 17-½ to 37-½ inch and support load capacities from 250 to 650 short tons.

Design Features:

  • Rotary table shaft extension and its central hole conform to API-7K.
  • Pin transmission type suitable for API Standard Square or Hexagonal Kelly roller bushing.
  • Double lock system for forward and reverse rotation.
  • Master Bushings and insert bowls are of an OEM equivalent.


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