SLX Style Elevator

SLX Style Elevator

Model: SLX Style Elevators
Size Range: 6-5/8" to 24"
Max Load: 65T to 250T
Standard: API 8C
Product Details:

Mud King Products offers conventional side door elevators in two different types: SLX and SX. The elevators hoist casing and drill collars. SLX and SX elevators should only be used with tubular having square shoulder connections or lifting plugs. The elevator has a simple, reliable door, latch and safety latch that simultaneously locks when the door closes. The safety pin is fixed with a cable onto the elevator to prevent loss. Ears are strategically placed to avoid picking up the tubular with the elevator inverted.
The SLX elevators are designed for all size casing up to 42" with load rating from 65T to 500T. The shielded safety latch protects the latch from accidentally opening. To open, simply pull the safety pin, pull the latch lock handle out, and swing the elevator halves apart. Both latches operate from a single handle and automatically re-latch when the elevator door is closed.



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