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Type C&T Style Clamps

Type C&T Style Clamps

Model: C&T Style Clamp
Size Range: 1-1/8" to 15-5/8"
Standard: API 7K
Product Details:

Few tools have as many valuable uses on a rig as a Safety Clamp. They guard against dropping flush-joint pipe, streamlined drill collars, etc. into the hole while making-up or breaking-out the string. They are ideal as an emergency elevator shoulder for lifting prepacked gravel liners, flush-joint pipe, twisted-off fish and similar items which have no shoulder for attaching conventional elevators. They can be used as a "Slip and Elevator" combination when running large diameter surface casing, inverted for use as a hold-down against flotation of surface pipe cementing operations or used for simplified handling of driller risers and casing heads during installation. Literally, they have dozens of money-and time-saving applications in oilfield work, in addition to giving increased protection against fishing jobs.
MKP offers both Bass-Ross® style Type T Safety Clamps and Type C Safety Clamps as well as Varco® Style MP Safety Clamps. We maintain ample levels of replacement parts in stock to keep your oilfield safety clamps running.



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