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UC-3 / UC-4 Style Slips

UC-3 / UC-4 Style Slips

Model: UC-3 / UC-4 Style Slips
Size Range: 8-5/8" to 13-3/8"
Standard: API 7K
Product Details:

Most casing strings' weight and the relatively thin pipe wall make it important that the supporting slips provide full circumferential grip. The BAASH-ROSS Type UC-3 slips achieve this with many narrow segments. They are hinged together to wrap around the casing and exert a more uniform pressure. With each segment carrying the same load, they automatically center the casing string within the bushing or spider. The UC-3 has a 3 taper. With changes in the number of segments and liners, it will handle strings from 16 OD to 42 OD. Liners are held in place by a liner Retainer Key and Cotter Pin.



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