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Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool
Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool

Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool

Product Name: Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool

Product Code: DPMT18023, DPMT18024, DPMT18025

Hand Grip Style: Enclosed 

Lengths: 850mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

The Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool is designed to enable the operator to achieve push/pull capabilities for a wide range of suspended drill pipe in both a vertical and horizontal position. This is the only product on the market that has been developed with a one size fits all approach for the handling of these high-risk activities involving movement of drill pipe. It is a unique design and ergonomic handling. They Drill pipe multi Tool can accommodate drill pipe from 2?” to 6 ½” with no mechanical parts. A multi-functional tool, it is a vital component in the implementation of a Hands Free working environment on both the rig floor and catwalk areas. Also, suitable for handling a variety of drilling/fishing tools and hoses, it creates a safe distance and buffer area in the complex and hazardous operation of pipe movement. Shorter version available for use in manufacturing and workshop repair facilities where space is restricted.


  • With unique tool design incorporating single opening to accommodate pipe range in size ranging from 2?” to 6 ½” diameter
  • Allowing for ease of engagement with drill pipe. Designed with robust medium density polyethylene tool attachment
  • The Drill Pipe Multi Tool securely fit variety of Drill pipe by engaging tool and operator waist action. 35 Degree turn of handle will secure full drill pipe range 2?” to 6 ½”
  • No moving mechanical parts thus reducing product failure
  • Tagline retrieval capabilities
  • Available in a variety of different lengths to facilitate a variety of applications as required
  • Attachments in hi-visibility colour
  • Heavy duty aluminium staff
  • Fitted with heavy duty rubber strip for extra non-slip grip when pipes are engaged
  • Fitted with hand protector as standard
  • Fitted with durable foam/rubber hand grip


For use in the movement of suspended drill pipe, drill tools, fishing tools, BHA, pup joints, slick line operations and workovers. Also, suitable for the handling of hoses and take on bulk hose lines. The Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool perfectly complements the existing use of taglines by providing exceptional control of the load and flexibility to the handler in the movement and landing of Drill pipe. Extremely useful tool in the work shop repair and manufacturing facilities where close contact and control is required such as loading tooling machines and test bays.



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