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OTECO Style 5000 PSI

OTECO Style 5000 PSI

Model: Oteco Style Gate Valves
Sizes: 2", 3", 4" & 5"
Connection: XXH Buttweld
Pressure: 5,000psi
Product Details:

The MKP Model 72 gate valve is designed for easy operation and long life before maintenance is required. The valve is hydrostatically tested after assembly per API-6D requirements. With removable body subs and split bonnet design, field repair is simple and quick with no timing of the gate required.

Field repair is simple with cost kept to a minimum. The valve features replaceable body subs that eliminate the expense of replacing valve bodies when connections can no longer be used. The full rising one-piece stainless steel gate and stem is machined with heavy-duty, small pitch threads assembled with a durable ball bearing that makes for quick and smooth operation. The oversized handwheel allows for tight shut-offs with the stem visible to show the user the gate position at a glance.




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