OTECO, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of high quality oilfield equipment and accessories since 1948. Our product offering is extensive, including: Gate Valves, Relief Valves, Pressure Gauges, Fluid End Consumables, Replacement Rubber Products, Rig Hardware of all kinds, and other products such as our OTECO Connector and our custom made rig Shock Pads. Every OTECO product is manufactured to exacting standards for long lasting performance under tough oilfield conditions. When you specify OTECO products, you purchase quality with time proven design and manufacturing experience.


  • Pressure Relief ValvesPressure Relief Valves 

    Pressure Relief Valves

    2 Products
  • Reset Relief ValvesReset Relief Valves 

    Reset Relief Valves

    3 Products
  • Pressure GaugesPressure Gauges 

    Pressure Gauges

    9 Products
  • Gate ValvesGate Valves 

    Gate Valves

    4 Products
  • Manifold FittingsManifold Fittings 

    Manifold Fittings

    11 Products
  • BOP Rubber AccessoriesBOP Rubber Accessories 

    BOP Rubber Accessories

    2 Products
  • Bladders & AccessoriesBladders & Accessories 

    Bladders & Accessories

    1 Products
  • Pipe & Kelly WipersPipe & Kelly Wipers 

    Pipe & Kelly Wipers

    4 Products


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