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Pipe & Kelly Wipers – Single Pipe Wipers

Pipe & Kelly Wipers – Single Pipe Wipers

Model: Single Pipe Wiper
Pipe Sizes: 2-3/8" to 6-5/8"
Wiper Diameter: 9" to 24"
Material: Natural, Nitrile or Neoprene

Product Details:

Oteco offers a wide range of pipe and Kelly wipers. These pipe wipers are offered in single, double, oval and handle bar types and are available in either natural (black) or oil resistant (red) nitrile rubber compounds. In addition, the double wipers are available in solid, split, and split rap-a-round configurations. Oteco pipe wipers offer greater tearing resistance due to a reinforced metal insert moulded to the resilient rubber. Oteco Kelly wipers are moulded form the same high quality rubber as the pipe wipers and are offed for both square and hexagonal kellys. The Kelly wiper are reinforced with a bonded metal ring to provide longer service life for the wiper as well as the Kelly drive bushing.



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