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Oteco RRV - API Flanged Ends

Oteco RRV - API Flanged Ends

Model: Oteco Reset Relief Valve
Size Range: 2" to 3"
Connection: 2-1/16", 2-9/16", 3-1/8" API Flange
Pressure Range: 125psi to 10,000psi
Product Details:

The OTECO manual Reset Reset Relief Valve or RRV protects slush pumps and mud manifolds while guaranteeing greater safety in operation. The RRV automatically snaps to a full open position when the predetermined pressure is exceeded or can be manually opened by simply pressing the manual release button. The position of the release button indicates at a glance whether the valve is open or closed. The RRV is designed with a pressure setting indicator (available in metric units) which can be adjusted to any setting within the operating range by simply turning a nut on the top of the valve.


Release pressure setting is not affected by vibration during operation
Utilizes stainless steel piston and cadmium-plated sub for improved corrosion resistance
Does not require shear pins
Fully enclosed bonnet assembly retains grease coating on moving parts extending service life
Bonnet assembly is interchangeable with Cameron Type 'A' and Type 'B' reset relief valves
+/- 5% Accuracy
Major and Minor repair kits as well as individual parts available



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