Handling Tools & Equipment

Handling tools play a critical role in modern drill pipe operations. They are used for suspending, moving, and rotating tubulars in and around the well centre and on the drill floor. At Oil Baron Supply, we pride ourselves in only selling high-quality API 7K and API 8C oilfield tools and equipment. We carry a wide range of oilfield tools for sale and rent, including: elevators, power tongs, power units, tong test stands, casing running tools, casing tools and rotary tools. We can repair, recertify and test all of our drill pipe and casing handling equipment including inspecting, welding, machining, MPI and load tests. Oil Baron Supply stocks and distributes for several manufactures including Mud King Products, Hamburg Oil Tools, TEDA and Cavins.

Our network allows us to access handling tool spare parts to interchange with OEM brands such as, Varco, Baash-Ross, Blohm and Voss, Guiberson, Cavins, Foster, Woolley and many more.

Our Handling Tools & Equipment Includes:
  Casing and Drill Pipe Slips
  Drill Collar Slips
  Tubing, Casing & Drill Pipe Elevators
  Sucker Rod Elevators
  Safety Clamps
  Manual Tubing & Casing Tongs
  Power Tongs
  Sucker Rod Tongs
  Elevator Links / Bails
  Rotary Tables
  Casing Running Tools
Why do customers choose Oil Baron Supply for their Handling Tools?
Our handling tool experts can identify your challenges and work with you to find a solution that is fit for purpose.
Drilling teams prefer Oil Baron Supply products because we can demonstrate efficiency, cost reductions and improved safety.
Oil Baron Supply has a line of unique products and solutions providing easy-to-use safety tools and equipment where durability and quality is guaranteed.
Oil Baron Supply maintains a large selection of pipe handling tools, equipment, and parts in order to rapidly meet our customer's requirements and expectations.
Oil Baron Supply adhere to all best practices ensuring the safety of you and your staff.
Innovative and efficient engineering teams that will turn your "what ifs" into reality.


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