Mud Pumps & Spare Parts

Oil Baron Supply provides a unique value to our customers by offering a one-stop shop solution for packaged systems. We work with customers to define the package, design the system, procure the materials and construct the complete package. We manage the entire process to minimize the design and project risks. Working with our suppliers to provide innovative components such as lightweight, high pressure pumps, efficient motors and auxiliary components.

Oil Baron Supply is also leader in supplying mud pump fluid-end and consumable parts trusted by drilling companies across the Asia Pacific Region.  We provide a full-portfolio of parts to keep your mud system performing efficiently and reliably. We have a large warehouse of comprehensive stock where most of the interchangeable mud pump expendables and spares parts can be found which covers a wide range of brands, such as; Emsco, Bomco, Gardner Denver,  Ideco, NOV, TSM, Weatherford and Wheatley.

Our Mud Pumps & Spares Parts Include:
  Complete Mud Pumps & Packages
  Fluid End Modules & Parts
  Power End Components
  Pulsation Dampeners
  Valves & Seats
  High Pressure Gold / Silver Series Pistons & Valves
  High Temperature Bonded Pistons
  Rubber Bonded Pistons
  Long Life Urethane Bonded Pistons
  Replaceable Rubber Pistons
  Pressure Relief Valves and Gauges
Why do customers choose Oil Baron Supply for their Mud Pumps & Spare Parts?
Our mud pump experts can identify your challenges and work with you to find a solution that is fit for purpose.
Drilling teams prefer Oil Baron Supply products because we can demonstrate efficiency, cost reductions and improved safety.
Project Management
Our experienced Project Managers work with our customers to execute every project successfully on time and on budget.  Our processes ensure each project is delivered with customer success in mind.
Oil Baron Supply maintains a large selection of mud pump parts and critical spares in order to rapidly meet our customer's requirements and expectations.
Oil Baron Supply adhere to all best practices ensuring the safety of you and your staff.
Innovative and efficient engineering teams that will turn your "what ifs" into reality.


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