Pressure Control & Instrumentation

Oil Baron Supply services the needs of the oil and gas industry with the highest quality, precision drilling pressure control and instrumentation equipment. From new sales to service, the Oil Baron Supply team ensures that your drilling instrument needs are met promptly and professionally. Each system is built to your exact specifications, and providing you with the right instrument for the job is our top priority. We offer all of our systems in Metric and English, ensuring that you have the most accurate measurement solutions for your needs. Whether you need pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, pump stroke counters, weight indicators, tong torque systems or debooster systems, Oil Baron's knowledgeable staff can provide you with just the right drilling equipment for your application.

Our Range of Pressure Control & Instrumentation Includes:
  Pressure Relief Valves
  Reset Relief Valves
  Pressure Gauges
  Pressure Sensors
  Pressure Deboosters
  Tension Load Cells
  Pump Stroke Counters
  Stand Pipe Pressure Gauges
  Unitized Mud Gauges
  Chart Recorders
  Iron Roughneck Torque Gauges
  Wireline Weight Indicators
Why Choose Oil Baron Supply For Your Control & Instrumentation Equipment?
Our in-house experts can identify your challenges and work with you to find a solution that is fit for purpose.
Our customers prefer Oil Baron Supply products because we can demonstrate efficiency, cost reductions and improved safety.
Project Management
Our experienced Project Managers work with our customers to execute every project successfully on time and on budget.  Our processes ensure each project is delivered with customer success in mind.
Oil Baron Supply maintains a large selection of pressure control and instrumentation equipment and critical spares in order to rapidly meet our customer's requirements and expectations.
Oil Baron Supply adhere to all best practices ensuring the safety of you and your staff.
Innovative and efficient engineering teams that will turn your "what ifs" into reality.


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