Rig Spares

In order to support our client's operations, we have large stocks and a wide range of rig spares. Sourcing from the best manufacturers across the globe, ensuring quality and safety at all times it is our priority to guarantee productivity and minimise downtime. Get ahead of the game and make Oil Baron Supply your first call for rig spares. In addition, Oil Baron Supply offer 24/7 around the clock customer service, we understand your operation does not stop, so we don't either. We have the capacity to hot shot your critical rig spares whether it be day or night.

Our Range of Rig Spares Includes:
  Hammer Unions
  Handling Tools
  Centrifugal Pump Spares
  Mud Pump Spares
  Air Seal Unions
  Thread Compounds
  Ring Joint Gaskets
  Float Valves
  Shaker Screens
Why Choose Oil Baron Supply For Your Rig Spares?
Our in-house experts can identify your challenges and work with you to find a solution that is fit for purpose.
Our customers prefer Oil Baron Supply products because we can demonstrate efficiency, cost reductions and improved safety.
Oil Baron Supply maintains a large selection of rig spares in order to rapidly meet our customer's requirements and expectations.
24/7 Rig Support
Unlike our competitors, Oil Baron Supply are here for you every hour of every day to ensure your operation does not miss a beat.
Hot Shot
We have delivery vehicles located in both the Surat Basin and Brisbane ready to hot shot your rig spares straight to site.
Oil Baron Supply adhere to all best practices ensuring the safety of you and your staff.


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